Favoritism Analysis : Showing Favoritism Essay

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Showing favoritism
Another pitfall of the same leaders was showing favoritism. There were only a few people working in the prepress department at this print shop, but one of them was certainly a favorite of the fore-mentioned leaders. This is not to say that this person was doing a bad job. He was working very hard and he was very dedicated, but so were the rest of us. Yet, when it came to raises, he was the only one who was getting them on regular bases, without asking and to much higher degree than the rest of us. Additionally, in the situations when this employee and some other member of the team would ask for the vacation time for the same calendar days, the dispute would always be resolved in the favor of this employee. That created unbalance and frictions inside the team. It impacted performance of the other employees and triggered the belonging issues. I worked there for six years, and never really felt like a part of the company. This issues could have been resolved by the leaders by treating all the employees more equally. The disputed time-off days could have been allowed to the other team members following for example a rotational approach or a vacation calendar could have been created allowing members to schedule time off with a great advance. In disputed situation at least some consideration could have been given to other team member 's needs. Also the leaders could have avoided creating major differences in the salaries of people having very similar type of…

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