Genetic Engineering Exposition Essay

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Year 12 English Studies:
Expository Writing
Argue the case for or against cloning and genetic engineering.

Advances in technology today have opened the window of opportunities towards curing the ill and abolishing future genetic disadvantages of the next generations. The possibilities of aiding all of civilization has just been given petrol for the car but some sceptics still want to let the air out of the tyres. The general well being of the children of tomorrow is the key focus of this debate, how anybody can argue that research into the subject won't help the cause is just ridiculous. Throughout this task, I aim to show just how much of a positive impact this research could have on the future whilst combating the non-believers' key
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"Hello, how can I help you?"
"Hey, I'll grab the blue eyes and brown hair, thanks."
"Would you like that in short, medium or tall?"
Now I'm not saying there'll be a 'DNA's R Us' in every suburb but that's just a simplified version of genetic engineering. The main issue in the case of picking and choosing genes for future children is that it could be shaping the child's life before they're even born. That they are being forced into futures that they didn't choose, but just because you're tall doesn't mean you have to join the basketball team. People are still open to doing anything they please, they are merely just given the resources and it's up to the person if they want to use them. Furthermore, whether you are genetically altered or not, you're not born a blank canvas. You have predetermined genetics that will course a path for your destiny so why is it not well within our rights what our children are started with? It's not only physical attributes that are deemed beautiful in society's eyes that are manageable, but deficiencies from birth too. Disabilities like autism and down syndrome can slowly be eased out by each spawning. No parent would pass up an opportunity to avoid having their children subjected to any impairment and genetic engineering can bring equality to each child. Every newborn will be brought into an environment with immaculate health and endless possibilities for future endeavours.

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