George Second Episode : Did You Study George? Essay

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George second episode: Did you study George?
George was coming to school, he was ready to work. Ms. Cads was all done take attendance. Ms. Cads announces, “Okay class, we are going to be having a math test tomorrow. It will be on orders of operation. Not to worry, I will help you class prepare.” The whole class spent the day going over math, and every time I get picked to answer, I answered it correctly. It was lunch time, George was going over the math problems with John and Donald. George says, “Okay since I have to multiply a number by a parenthesis… ” George paused and wrote, “5 x 12 + (5 x 2) = 70” He had his friends check, John said, “Excellent dude, you’re going to pass, just keep practicing.” George was home, his mother surprised her family with a vacation to Las Vegas, and everyone was thrilled about the trip. George knew he had a test the next day, but was too excited to study. He was in the bedroom, thinking about the trip, and while he was going through his book bag to check if he had homework, he saw his math notes and said, “You know what? I know the stuff, I’m just too excited about the vacation.” George was too careless to study, because he was excited about an upcoming vacation. The next day was a test, and George thought he knew the answers, so he just guessed on every question on multiple choice. George felt confident that he passed. The next day, it was after school. Ms. Cads asked George to stay after. “Did you study George?” Asked Ms. Cads as she shows…

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