Essay on Graduation Speech : Year Round School

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Year Round School
Education is valued highly in today 's society, for the next generation to lead this country they need to know as much as they can. Teaching children the basic mathematics, English, history, and science now starting in kindergarten. With courses, advancing teachers reteach the basics at the beginning of every school year. Imagine all year at school, no three month summer vacation, just all year school. What would that be like, and would children enjoy it? Would the teachers? Teachers will have to make lesson plans, and subjects to study that matches that grade level, and also skip seeing their children for summer too. All year at school means less time out of school and may even boost children to higher grades so they can graduate early, which is not beneficial for the students who lack the maturity they need for graduation. Graduating at sixteen instead of eighteen maybe harder for teenagers to find jobs afterwards and most sixteen year olds are not mature enough to have a job let alone graduate. Also, why change a system that we 've used for many years to one that is not quite figured out? Many teenagers are employed with summer jobs, help out on farms, or just relax from the stressful situations from school. With year round school many aspects in education will have to change and the school system is not ready for it.
Not many children like school, and some just go through it because it is the law. Year round school will be harder for the students who…

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