Halina-Mountain-Resort-B Essay

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Olmedo, Asucina T. BSA 1I

Case Study: Halina Mountain Resort (B)
Time Context September 1981 Abstract

Halina Mountain Resort, a family owned business, had been picking up during 1980 though it suffered a net loss of P335, 499.69 as shown in the financial performance of Blue Heights Realty and Development Corporation. Halina Mountain Resort is manage by Jun Herrera, son of the owner Victor Herrera together with his cousin Benjamin Estacio that acts as resort manager. Majority of the 32 permanent personnel are relatives of Herrera which reside in Calamba or in nearby towns. The family as a whole had been working together, thus creating a good team for the business. Halina Mountain Resort is in a good location, has first class
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This is a negative indication to the suppliers or short term creditors. Deficit in the stockholders’ equity. The restaurant is of low profile.

3. Opportunity   Mt. Makiling is endowed with nature’s beauty where Halina is located at the foot of it, making it ideal for all types of nature tripping. Further development of Laguna by the local government helps Halina gain customers.

 

Laguna is one of the historical places in the Philippines making it attractive especially to the students. Further development of the resort can accommodate more customers.

4. Threat
 

 

Natural Disaster like typhoon, earthquakes and others. Other Competitors in the area that was patronized by people, or may have a low price. The Resort is near a creek, this may cause the land to be soft. Death or riding horses may decline customer’s attraction. Most personnel are relatives; they may abuse the trust given to them. Changes of customers taste and preferences.

VI. Alternative Courses of Action (ACA)
1. The Blue Heights Realty and Development Corporation would invest

more on advertisement, representation and entertainment especially during the low months. Advantage  Halina will gain more customers that will

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