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Case Study 1: Harley Davidson Posse Ride

After enduring the challenges offered on the long road of the Posse ride, and becoming close with the riders, it is clear that H.O.G’s rolling rallies provide much more than mere marketing opportunities. They provide a sense of family among old friends and new acquaintances, all with the same love of the road. For many people an ideal vacation is going on a cruise or taking a trip to a warm Caribbean get away, but for the dedicated H.O.G. members the road is their vacation. Even the presence of the whole family can be seen on H.O.G.’s rolling rallies. When looking at the three fundamental purposes for the creation of Harley Owners Group in the 80’S, it is easy to see that rolling
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Experiencing the trip, all the activities and excitement along the way give the H.O.G. members a sense of belonging itself. On top of that they get the opportunity to interact and bond with Harley employees, out of the office and suit, instead on a Harley, as an everyday person like the rest of them. This gives the chance to get to know customers one on one, and thus strengthening our customer relationships even more. In all, rolling rallies have by far earned their place in the H.O.G. portfolio, and should be continued to be supported. Another big question at hand is, do these rolling rallies address and further corporate marketing goals? The answer to this is an absolute yes. For Harley, building a brand community has contributed enormously to their success. For the customer it’s not just owning a Harley, it’s a lifestyle. Rolling rallies have opened the door for members to experience the Harley lifestyle even further and share it with others like themselves. New friends are made, friends that share the same love of the open road, who have similar interest, and thus strengthening the Harley brand community even more. We are starting to see more involvement of the whole family on rolling rallies, and this is great for Harley. The children get to come out with their parents and experience an adventure of a lifetime. They get to take in the community atmosphere of the fellow riders and the adventure of the road. From this the brand loyalty is passed down

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