Health Insurance, Dentals Plans, And Income Essay

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From the moment I step into a hospital when I was a kid and watch nurses and doctors help those who are sick, and I knew what I want for a career job, but for now I just want to make sure I am on the right course to become a registered nursing and if it is exactly what I want. The most important is to see what health insurance, dentals plans, and income. I have interview Ms. Deborah Priebe to have insight of what a nurse does in a hospital setting. I also provided negatives and positive outcome of this type of field of work.
I had spoken to Ms. Deborah Priebe on March 7, 2016 in an interview to conduct research what aspects of the job has for being a Registered Nurse. What I have learned that she as many degrees in the nursing field for example, RN, MSN, and a CNOR. She has been an employee at Harnett Health System for over 30 years. Starting in 1985, she has working hard and now her position in MED/SURG, CCU, Operating Room, Preceptor of Operative Service, procedures Nurse for Radiology and Cardiopulmonary. Not only is she well known as a Registered Nurse, but you can take your field of work anywhere in the medical field. It took her two years in making to her career. She obtained an Associate’s Degree in nursing from Johnson Technical College in 1985. As she exclaimed that she did not take no brakes, and taking one semester after another. “In 2002 she obtained CNOR (Certification in Perioperative nursing).
Then in 2001 she obtained an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)…

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