Health Issues Of A Divorce Essay

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The many health issues of a divorce can be related to an earlier death or an overall less healthy lifestyle (Sohn 2015). The effects of a divorce are seen more in women and are seen in men, but men are not nearly as affected as women are (Dahl et al. 2015:466). The reasons vary but in most cases a huge reason is the fact that women are more likely to continue to be the main caregiver to the children. The gender roles instilled to each individual plays a huge part into how they learn to handle issues like these kinds (Meltzer 2011:151).
Social media in now an aspect of life that contributes to a slower healing process that can cause physiological and psychological pain within the individuals (Clayton et al. 2013:719). This is important new development because the healing process usually allows individuals to recover from such a tragic life event. Connectedness through technology with the touch of one’s fingertips on a computer or cell phone is ruining the traditional sense of relationships more than helping it (Clayton 2014:425). It has helped create relationships outside of people 's immediate geographical area. It has also changed the way individuals interact face to face with each other. Technology may be helpful to those in a long-distance relationship, but it can be fatal because a geographically close mate is only one click away (Clayton et al. 2013:719).
These effects have been recorded in men and women who were married and it involved in a study in Norway where their…

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