High Divorce Rate in Egypt Essay

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High Divorce Rate in Egypt
Social Sciences

5th semester
Soha Ihab Elsewerky
19-1343 | PD 1

Since we were kids we were brought up to believe that we live all our lives waiting for a happily ever after. Your mother, friends and the society always pushing you and focusing on you having a husband. From your early age you’re taught to take care of your looks and posture, always making yourself pleasing. Media surrounded us with fairy tales stories that grew our expectations a lot stronger, until we grow up marrying the first man we are attracted to regardless to common traits. We then realize that it’s not just about love and infatuation but its more; it’s about sharing responsibility, sharing actions and
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I started by talking with people about what they thought may be the reason for high divorce rate in Egypt; I used to record our conversation behind their back so they can talk freely. The majority of people I asked believed that reasons of divorce differ in many things. They agreed that divorce is caused by 2 main things the first one is before getting married and how couples choose based on money and appearance and after they get married women tend to ask for their husbands to bring her all what she wants regardless of his salary. The second one is the fact of open relationships between men and women before marriage, and how that leads them to always comparing between what they used to see in their lover and their current spouse. The second method is a survey conducted on the internet, 53 people answered this survey 51 female and 2 male, 88.7% of them were between the age of 18 and 22, 9.4 % between 22 and 30, and only 1.9% from 30 to 45. Out of all the applicants 84.6% are single, 3.8% are married and 11.5% are in a relationship. Then when I asked about their attraction most of them agreed on being intelligent and smart. 67% believed that the reason for divorce is wrong expectations based of lack of knowledge, and 60.4% were willing to read about marriage before. And finally 79.2% thought that if they had a huge fight they are going to solve it out. What I have observed from my

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