Homeschooling And Public School System Essay

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For decades individuals have packed their kids off on big yellow school buses and left education up to school board members and teachers. The assumption is made that they are the professionals, they know what is best. Over time more and more parents have decided that they wanted some input into their children’s education and as a result homeschooling is becoming a popular alternative to traditional public school attendance. Although, it is not only the criteria being taught that is moving parents and guardians to make this switch. The rise of homeschooling over the usage of the public school system can be attributed to many things as society evolves, but which to choose comes down to what is valued more in relation to class size, socialization, usage of time and family relationships.
Firstly it should be mentioned that class size is one of the most obvious comparisons to be made between homeschooling and public schools. For instance, homeschooling is commonly done on a one to one basis. A single child being taught by a stay-at-home parent, this number can change as the family grows, but even then the ratio stays relatively low for the majority of cases. This allows for more direct instruction to each child; the need to wait until after class to ask questions or get further tutoring is eliminated. It also allows for the teacher to cater the curriculum to the strengths of each child. On the other hand, each classroom in a public school setting can have upwards of twenty or…

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