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Final Paper/Case Study

This final assignment requires you to apply concepts that you have learned over this session. Pay careful attention to the instructions.

Please read the included case study, Clean Car Care. You have been hired to help the company’s owner fill a manager’s vacancy at its north-side facility. Your paper (your input as an HR consultant) must address the following:

1. What method of final choice do you think Otto of 3C’s used to choose among the finalists? Explain your answer. Do you believe he used the correct method? Why?

2. The selection component of staffing is the process of assessing and evaluating people to determine if there is a fit between the person and the job. What KSAOs do you think are
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11. You must reference no less than five (5) sources for your work. I am flexible on the types of sources that you utilize, but you must cite the source appropriately (using APA format). Please do not use social media type websites. Two (2) of your sources must also comply with instructions 12 and 13 below.

12. After your bibliography page, please include an annotations page and complete the following for two (2) of your sources: Choose articles that discuss, apply, or assist you in addressing any of the topics in this final paper. Do not rewrite the articles. Summarize the contents of the articles in your own words. If you use specific quotes or parts of the articles, you must cite the source appropriately (using APA format). Explain the articles’ application to this assignment (how does it relate?). How did you utilize this resource?

13. If you do not utilize UMUC’s library resources for these two (2) summaries, you must provide a copy of the articles. You can either 1) scan the article and attach it, or 2) email me the articles (in lieu of a scan). Non UMUC library articles must arrive on or before the Due Date.

Here are specific format instructions which you should pay careful attention to:

1. Do NOT include a cover page.
2. On each page include

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