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Human Resources is defined as a strategy to maximize the performance of employees in order to achieve the company’s goals. It is concerned with various aspects like planning,recruitment,training,performance management,rewarding,pays and incentives,relations,occupational health and safety,employee benefits,career development etc. It basically focuses on maintaining mutual benefits of both the organization and the employees.
Why do we need human resources management? Human resources management is important to build up and maintain a healthy working environment that enables the employees to attain the set up goals and objectives. It is required to keep the
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For example, in the year 2009, there were 400 internal recruitments. (Anne VanderMey, Feb. 24, 2012) * Develop the skills of current employees. * If there is vacancy HR department finds the suitable existing employee to fill the job. * If additional training is required then proper training and development is provided before the employee join the new job. * If HR department fails to recruit and select internally, they will go and search the talent that means they will use external recruitment methods. * First of all, they will describe the roles and responsibilities of the vacant position. * Moreover, Google wants the people who love big challenges and want changes. * Recruiter (a specialist in recruitment who is responsible to locate and attract capable candidates) helps finding the ideal candidate to fill the vacant position. * After the recruitment is completed they will select the suitable applicants. Selected applicants will have four to five interviews with Googlers, as they want the smart, team oriented people. Googlers mostly look for four things in their candidates that is * Team leadership qualities (helping teams) * Role-related knowledge ( variety of strengths and passions not isolated skills) * How you think ( more interested) * Googleyness ( your comfort) To make sure that they are selecting

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