I 'm Awoken By The Sound Of Knocking At My Bedroom Door Essay

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I’m awoken by the sound of knocking at my bedroom door. “Time to get ready to leave.” my dad says though the door. It’s 2am in the morning, and I had only gotten two hours of sleep. My family and I were leaving to vacation in Las Vegas. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving 2015. We pile into Mom’s car, my Mom and Dad, little brothers, and me. Once we arrived at the parking lot, where the car was kept during our vacation, we unload our luggage from the car. then, we got in a shuttle buss. Being no earlier than 3am, in Colorado, it must have been below 32 degrees fahrenheit. The bus doors left a gap about an inch wide, and my dog’s breath is wormer than the heater. After a short wait for other people, we left for the airport. Arriving at Denver International Airport, we took care of our luggage. Then, we make our way to the TSA security lines. The lines were long, and guards stood everywhere you looked, sometime three or four of them together. A short time after getting in line my brother Andrew says “I gotta go to the bathroom.”. We asked the nearest guard what to do, given our circumstance. He pulled us to the side of the zigzagging roped off line, and off Andrew went. A few minutes passed, and he came back. We hoped back in line where we left off. Not two minutes go by and Andrew says “I gotta go to the bathroom again.”. This happened five times, we kept hopping in and out of the line. Other guards started noticing and came over asking’s what going on. Eventually we…

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