Iago's Rethoric Essay

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The effect of Iago's rhetoric on Othello.

In Othello, Shakespeare takes Iago's actions as the main turning point in the play; also, he takes three of the most important modes of persuasion in rhetoric (Pathos, Logos, and Ethos). Those modes of persuasion perfectly describe Iago's character. Ethos is taking by Iago's reasons to be against Othello and by what he says and how is him. He can make anyone believe in anything. He has the ability to manipulate every character in the play including Othello. His hate and anger towards him, built Othello's catastrophe trough the play.
Iago is not an honest man but he is not silly either. His repetition in the play is the way he talks to each character in the play. He made up a lot of different
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He new that will be easy to put Othello towards Cassio by making him believe that he is Desdemona's new love. He will get Cassio's charge and Othello's suffer at the same time. He knows that if he gets Othello's trust he will make him feel miserable.
Finally Logos is used as Iago's logic. He thinks that Othello did an injustice job when he did not pick him form being in Cassio's charge. "Preferment goes by letter and affection, And not by old gradation, where each second Stood heir to th' first" (Lines 36-38). He thinks that Othello chose Cassio as his Lieutenant just because of preference and not because of abilities. He started hating Othello since he did that. Later on He thinks that Othello is sleeping with his wife so he wanted a double revenge. He wants his charge back and Othello's happiness way. He can stands Othello's happiness and perfection.
Al of this rhetorical devices together, build Othello's downfall. Iago's silly thoughts and his thirsty anger will made Othello lose his love Desdemona and will make him kill himself. Also, Iago's draconian actions lead him to his final catastrophe. He got what he wanted and what he deserved too. Othello kill himself because of Iago's lies. He suffered constantly, first that all when he discovered the false relationship between his friend Cassio and his love Desdemona. Iago turned him into a monster. He killed Desdemona and then when he notices that he was a silly puppet, sad and without a

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