Iago a Manipulative Villian Essay

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In Shakespeare's play Othello,the charecter Iago is a mutilayered,deceptive,and manipulative villian;causeing mishaps to other characters for revenge.Iago uses his stratigec acts of manipulation to undermine the charecters weakness.He exploits Rodrigo love for Desdemona,the friendship between him and Cassio,and toys with Othello's mind by playing on his self-doubt. Thus, giving Iago the advange to use their weaknesses against them. First Iago uses Rodrigo's naive and gulliable personality to own adavantage.Roderigo's obession with Desdemona renders him susceptible to Iagos manipulation. this obsession causes him to believe anything Iago says to hope in getting Desdemona.Iago convinces Rodrigo that the jewels will be given to …show more content…
Although ,thus may seem like helpful advice to Cassio, Iago plans to use it to bring him down.Iago appeals to Cassio's trust: "i protest,in the sincerity of love and honst kindness" (II.iii.309)but follows up by sacastically saying "And what;'s he then says i pay the villian? when this advice is free i give and honest. to think and indeed the course to win the Moor gain?"(II.iii.245-248).Iago plan is to use Casso's action to insinuate that he wants Desdemona.Iago manages to take advantage of his trusting nature to give him bad advice under from a nonrelaiable friend. Lastly,Iago plays on Othello's personal insecurities to bring about his downfal.throughtout the play,othello is known to be "the Moor".Othello relationship with Desdemona was bound to fail as in the beggining of their relationship started bad base on raccial but she loved him so.Now Iago had played with Othello's mind with self-esteem,allowing him to capitalize on his insecurity to invoke the feelings of jealousy in Othello. To start off, Iago insinuates that Desdemona is unfaithful to. Othello.Iago"convincingly states "As to be bold to you Not to affect many proposed matches Of her own clime,complexion and ddgree.Wereto we see in all things nature tends"
(III.iii.232-236)By the same logic, Desdemona would prefer Cassio, who seems to be same aga,race and class as her than someone like Othello is older,and African American. Iago once more states that" She did

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