Essay about Iago And William Shakespeare 's Othello

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Don’t Trust Him
Sneaky, backstabbing, manipulative, liar are four words that describe the character “Iago” and William Shakespeare drama play “Othello”. Othello is a play of a very experienced war soldier who is well respect by those surrounding him for being a good solider, but not as a person. Due to the fact that he has fell in love with a women. From a place where he was not originated from. Othello is mostly hated by Iago who is supposed to be the most trust person in the play. When really “Iago Is only concerned about himself and his position, and will sacrifice anyone to save himself and his interests.”(Othello :) Iago plays pretty much the villain in the drama by giving bad advice , misusing everyone’s trust, and manipulating people to do his dirty work; “
The most untrustworthy person in the play is who everyone one goes to for advice. Iago being the cunning, deceitful person he is uses this to his advantage every chance he gets, to go around stirring up mess and causing problems. Also, he does it and a manner that no one knows what it is he’s doing, or what is real his motivation for his advice. Iago is like a bad apple in a bunch; he spoils all the rest around him. Iago is the seed or the middle part of the apple. His advice is the out part, which is soft to the touch, and harmful to those who it touches. Iago from the beginning of the story was plotting on Othello. He also didn’t like Othello and did not refer to him as Othello. He called him the Moor of…

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