Iago artist of Villainy Essay

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John Vandercliff
Dr. Lou Ethel Roliston
30 March 2015 There are many evil characters through out plays, but only one is an artist of villainy that character is Iago from “Othello” written by William Shakespeare. Iago is an artist of villainy first because he does not care about anyone and will use him or her for his gain. Also he is a mastermind of an evil plain that has everyone fooled. Lastly Iago is an artist of villainy because he can betray and cheat those closest to him without blinking an eye. Iago is an artist of villainy because he is the definition of evil and you are shown this from the very beginning of the play. In beginning of the play Iago and Rodrigo are going to Brabantio who is Desdemona’s father to tell
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Iago then gets Cassio drunk and has Rodrigo fight him which results in a stabbing. This stabbing causes Othello to remove Cassio from his lieutenant position. Iago has done all of this with little resistance and is still pulling strings like a puppet master ruining Othello’s life. Now that Cassio is out of the way the last thing to do is to make Othello get rid of Desdemona. Iagos plan for ridding Othello of Desdemona is even more evil then all the previous things Iago has done. Iago goes to Othello as a friend and the new lieutenant telling him that he believes Cassio is in love with Desdemona and that they are seeing each other. Iago makes up lies to help sell his story to Othello to make him jealous, but after he tells Othello to not be jealous just to plant the seed of jealousy by saying ”O, beware, my lord, of jealousy”(Othello act 3). This shows more of Iago's artist like ability’s when it comes to evil because he can even play one of his closest friends with out skipping a beat. Also Iago is trying to put Othello in a “…jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure”(Othello act 1), which is exactly what Iago is trying to achieve. Another evil deed Iago commits is he involves his wife by telling her to steal Desdemona hanker chief that Othello gave to her. Which shows that Iago does not even care about his own wife to use her like that. Iago plants the hanker chief on Cassio when Othello sees it he vows to kill Desdemona as long as Iago kills Cassio. Iago

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