Iago, By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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Honest Iago ? “I am not what I am.” (1.1.65). Shakespeare makes it clear from the beginning of Othello that Iago is pretending to be something he is not. Iago has a reputation as an honest and noble soldier but he is far from a benevolent Ancient. There are many people that are in position to foil Iago’s plan for retribution but they are all fooled by his honest reputation. If Iago was not shrouded in a veil of honesty his revenge would not have been successful. The prestige Iago gained in the Venetian Army allowed him to dupe elites from Venice to Cyprus. Iago is aware of the protective honest appearance he created. Emilia is the wife of Iago but even she does not grasp the turpitude of her husband. One can often find themselves feeling sympathetic to the Venetian boy Roderigo. Iago has Roderigo wrapped around his finger throughout the play. Iago and Othello have a very complex relationship. The honest reputation Iago has is a vital component to his vengeance towards Othello. Iago is a professional soldier. Iago constructed a noble and honest reputation that not one person question’s. Throughout the play Iago is brushing shoulders with elite men from around the Mediterranean. The honest appearance of Iago’s character in the play does not cause anyone to question his character. Iago is aware that an honest reputation will protect him. Iago highlights his exploits as a valiant Venetian soldier in the opening Act. “And I, of whom his eyes had seen the proof / At Rhodes, at…

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