Essay Iago 's And Emilia 's Ruined Relationship

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Iago’s and Emilia’s destroyed relationship in Othello In the play, Othello jealousy demonstrated how an emotion can take over a person controlling and leading them to destruction and chaos in their lives and people around them including close friends and family. One relationship in particular which was doomed from the start was Iago’s and Emilia’s relationship this relationship had many problems and ended very badly in the end. The influence of jealousy through Iago has destroyed the relationship between Iago and Emilia making no strong tie between them making Iago treat Emilia badly using her as a tool rather than his wife. It is also revealed he clearly does not love or care for Emilia on the other hand Emilia loves Iago and shows affection toward Iago. These three points explained more in depth are as Iago uses Emilia as tool for his dirty work like stealing Desdemona’s handkerchief and Iago clearly does not love Emilia killing her in the end for revealing his plans against Othello showing he would kill his own wife for saying the truth. Emilia on the other hand does love and show affection towards her husband Iago following him such as stealing the handkerchief against her own will for her husband. Iago uses and treats Emilia more as a tool than his wife he uses her for his dirty work in order to continue his manipulation of Othello. For example Iago needs Desdemona’s handkerchief for his further…

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