Essay Impact Of Capitalism On The Educational System

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Consequently, we now only manage to see the negativity in this system. After all it is an ideology that was created for large corporations and the wealthy bourgeoisie, to fulfil their demands and wants and simultaneously reject the proletariat.

In addition to changing the way we live our lives, capitalism has also changed the educational system that we encounter as young adults nowadays and even as children. From a young age I remember being told that in order to be successful in life my grades were the only aspect that mattered, therefore with these grades I will be able to get into an excellent college, where once again I will have to work hard in order to get into a good grad school and finally get a well paid job. However, after spending thousands of dollars in order to attain my degree and probably taking out a huge loan for that, I finally find out that I am not even guaranteed to get a job. When you apply to college or when you take out large loans, no one tells you that job market is a competitive place and that having a degree can affirm you a profession. We live in a terrible world where due to capitalism we are have to spend a large sum of money and in return we are promised something that may not even happen.

Whilst reading the works of Karl Marx what crossed my mind was why exactly socialism was fought against for so many years and capitalism was heightened so much. If capitalism is the saviour from the “evil socialism” why exactly is unemployment or…

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