Essay about Impact Of Low Cost Carriers On The Asian Tourism Industry

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Analyzing the Impact of Low-Cost Carriers on the Asian Tourism Industry

The low-cost carrier is a new kind of type in air transport. It is designed for people who have little budgets. Different from the traditional full-service carrier, low-cost aircraft provides discounts on the tickets. As Hunter L. stated: ’The passenger air travel industry is characterized by the emergence of low-cost/ no-frills sector alongside and partly in competition with the incumbent full-service carriers.’ (2006:351) The passenger witnesses the decision between low-cost carrier (LCC) and full-service carrier (FSC). Before LCC appeared, the traditional FSC occupied the market considerably. According to a table draws on ITF (2002): and Alderighi et al. (2004), in compared with FSC, LCC focuses on costing minimum, point to point, and short haul. However, it typically lands on the secondary airport, and has a little flexibility for the flight change. Air traffic is the most popular way for travelling nowadays; the trend is for consumers to purchase the lower price choice. The first low-cost airline conception started in the United States, and it has spread to Southeast and South Asia in early 2000. Moreover, Chung & Whang (2009) found that it is prominent that seasonal fluctuation in tourism demand is gradually believed to constitute one of the most problems for tourist destinations. This essay attempts to discuss the impact of LCC in Asia, in comparison with the positive and…

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