Important Quote from Othello Essay

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Othello – important quotes

1.1 * Roderigo to Iago, saying you had my purse / As if the strings were thine * Iago: I know my price, I am worth no worse a place * Othello, described by Iago as loving his own pride and purposes * Iago describing Cassio’s skills: mere prattle, without practise, / Is all his soldiership. * Iago tells Roderigo that Othello has seen Iago fight At Rhodes, at Cyprus and on other grounds / Christian and heathen * Iago on serving Othello: I follow him to serve my turn upon him * Again on serving Othello: In following him, I follow but myself * Iago admitting his own two-facedness to a clueless Roderigo: when my outward action doth demonstrate
The native act and figure of my heart
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* Duke of Venice commenting on how beautifully Othello speaks: I think this tale would win my daughter too. * Desdemona on her loyalty to her husband: you are the lord of duty;
I am hitherto your daughter: but here's my husband,
And so much duty as my mother show'd
To you, preferring you before her father,
So much I challenge that I may profess
Due to the Moor my lord. * Duke moving on from news of Othello’s marriage to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus [Note: this is the first time prose is used. Switch from verse marks switch from romantic to official/political and warlike]: you must therefore be content to slubber the gloss of your new fortunes with this more stubborn and boisterous expedition. * Othello on the familiarity of war: The tyrant custom, most grave senators, / Hath made the flinty and steel couch of war / My thrice-driven bed of down * Desdemona on how much she loves Othello (and her absolute loyalty to him: my heart's subdued
Even to the very quality of my lord
I saw Othello's visage in his mind,
And to his honour and his valiant parts
Did I my soul and fortunes consecrate. * Othello foreshadowing the loss of his good sense

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