Infidelity and Divorce Essay

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Infidelity and divorce

Infidelity is is referenced as marital disloyalty, unfaithfulness, a breach of trust or a disloyal act and it is also called adultery. The word is as strong as the act and the feelings that come along with it. Society as a whole look down at it, but by speaking with different people on the subject I have found that the man sees this acts sometimes acceptable as long as it is being perpetrated by another man. Woman on the other had find this to be distasteful and sometimes refused to even talk about this subject especially with a man asking the questions. This practice you can see changes as the subjects get younger. While the older more established woman frown at this, the younger woman seem to not have an
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At the dance their where many young ladies and this was the first time that he was basically pushed by his friends to try to pick up another young lady with the expectations that his current girlfriend would never know. He explains that of course it didn’t go that way and his girlfriend found out and they broke it off. He went on to explain how growing up it just became so much easier to have more than one girlfriend that it became normal. We proceeded to talk about his first marriage and how much he loved her, but since it became normal to him to have more than one woman at a time, he of course made a “big mistake” as he calls it and allowed his friends to convince him to start seeing another woman. This intern caused the divorce to the first wife. The stories from the other two men were very similar in the fact that their friends always explained to them how easy it was and how acceptable it is to have another woman by your side while the wife or girlfriend was at home. For the youngest of the three men that I interviewed who was a young Afro-American, he said that cheating was almost expected from him and was accepted by all that knew about it. He went on to explain how the woman that knew he had a long term relationship with another woman also introduced him to female friends and the expectations were for him to form some type of relationship with these woman. For him it became easier and easier

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