Essay on Integration Of Lignin Degrading Enzyme Of The E Coli

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The project that I chose for the Baroness to fund was proposed by John, Anne, Adam, and Heather and was title “Integration of Lignin-Degrading Enzyme in Cow Rumen”. This project is seeking to generate a recombinant E. coli that degrades lignin into digestible compounds that the cow can utilize as energy source. This project was particularly useful in that it is seeking to take advantage of an energy source that is a carbon rich nutrient, thus allowing for an increase in efficiency of digestion for the cow. During the presentation, the authors were able to explain their methods in detail and seem well knowledgeable on the subject. One of my probing question for this group was “how are you planning on transferring your gene of interest into the E coli”. The group explained that because the gene of interest is being taken from a fungus, which is a eukaryotic organism, reverse transcriptase had to be used in order to create a cDNA copy without any introns. They continued to further explain their approach in detail, emphasizing that they knew exactly how cloning between eukaryotic and prokaryotic organism works. The positive results of this project benefits cows, farmers, and consumers. Cows will be able to maintain their same diet, but will be receiving more energy because they can now utilize lignin as an energy source. As a result of this, total cost of production for farmers will be reduce, which will eventually lead to lower prices of beef and dairy for consumers.
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