Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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In the book, Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, the main character, Chris McCandless disappears into what it seems to be thin air, and nobody, not even people he met along the way of his journey and the people he was close with his whole life, knew where he went or why he did it. The author, Jon Krakauer interviews several people that have had a close interaction with Chris-- or as those who’ve met him along the way knew him as, Alexander Supertramp-- to try to figure out the reasoning behind Chris’s disappearance. Although, from reading the book, it seems that one of the reason that Chris McCandless went into the wild was because he wanted to prove to himself that he ,could be self-reliant or independent, and live completely opposite of how he’s lived his whole life. However, along with that, there may have been other reasons as to what led McCandless to do what he did, reasons that may have been related to his family problems as well. While others might consider McCandless’s actions to be something that’s brave, courageous, and daring, it’s something that seems to be just plain foolish, ignorant, and inconsiderate. He denied anything that could help him along the way, and it seems that he knew that his journey “may prove to be fatal.” (Krakauer 69 )

During Chris McCandless’s childhood, he lived a fairly comfortable and wealthy life. His parents saw poverty when they were younger, and they worked hard to make sure that their kids would not have to experience what they…

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