Essay about Is Cloning A Reality?

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Though cloning is now a reality; is it something that should be pursued or is it something that should go in the history books as an achievement and left alone? When Dolly the sheep is mentioned, most people know exactly the significance of her role in science history. Dolly was the first sheep to be cloned in the 1990’s, and has since lead to many more advancements in science around the world. Less commonly known to people according to a cloning timeline from the genetics department at the University of Utah, “the first successful embryo twinning was done in 1885 by Hans Adolf Edward Dreisch.” Since that day in the late 1800’s scientist have progressively made steps forward in cloning animals and most recently stem cells. With all these advancements in cloning it leaves people with fear regarding the possibility of cloning humans along with many uncertainties regarding the morality, results and ethics behind all of it. Regardless of the uncertainty science continues to proceed with studies and experiments; what used to be something only heard of in science fiction books or movies is now a reality. paints a relatively clear picture of how cloning is done using cows as their example.
“It all starts with the DNA from the cell of the “donor” cow typically taken from a skin cell biopsy; once the DNA is extracted it is then inserted into an egg cell from another cow. The egg cell has its nucleus (the control center of the cell itself) removed, that way it can…

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