Is Cloning Ethical Or Unethical? Essay

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Cloning has been around since the seventeen hundreds. Scientist have experimented on many living organisms, anything that has cells, scientist would or have tried to clone. Human cloning has only been debated about, there has not yet been experiments on cloning the entire human body. The furthest scientists have gotten to cloning a whole body is cloning a sheep and even then it wasn’t a whole body. Scientist are cloning cells and manipulating them they have not gotten to the point of cloning a human. Human cloning has the potential be the next big thing one day and scientist would be proud coming this far along. Human Cloning is a process, which is still being experimented on, yet many people constantly argue whether it is ethical or unethical. For many reasons I think cloning the human body as a whole is unethical and it should not be our decision to further life in this way.
Human cloning will further human evolution because technically this would be a new type of human existence on this earth. Yount goes on to mention “Cloning will, in contrast, reproduce the same genetic makeup of an existing individual. Human Cloning can be really easy when it comes to cloning a child or parent “Human cloning scenarios that ethicists ponder most frequently fall into two broad categories: 1.) Parents who want to clone their child, either to provide transplants for a dying child or to replace a child, and 2.) Adults who for a variety of reasons might want to clone themselves.” (Herbert…

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