Is Cloning Save Mankind? Essay

871 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Sean Trueblood
Mrs. Karen McKinney Holley
English 1101
27 November 2015
Cloning to Save Mankind Continuing developments in cloning will be crucial in mankind’s development. Many people wonder if cloning is morally justifiable. Some might ask if cloning is mans attempt at trying to become god. Three out of every four American citizens, according to Time magazine in 1993, found human cloning extremely troubling. In the same year from the same source, 46% of people said they would prefer to have a law calling human cloning a felony. Some people want to ban cloning out of the fear that the ability could one day be abused. They also are afraid of the risks. In cloning, there are defects that could arise. In some instances in the past, mice have received an array of defects after being cloned. If the same genetic deformity occurred in humans, it would be tragic. Science fiction has also given cloning a bad name. Many people automatically assume the worst upon hearing the word “cloning” uttered. Such books like A Brave New World and Rosemary’s Baby paint a dark and scary painting of a future with clones. On the other slightly more optimistic hand, many people think that cloning could be beneficial to the world. Supporters of cloning think that if a man and a woman want to have a child they should be able to have one. They also want to help couples chances in any way that can be ethically justified. A woman with a single embryo only has around a 10% to 20% chance of becoming…

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