Is The American Dream Feasible? Essay

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Is the American Dream Feasible?
The American Dream is the belief that prosperity and success are available to all Americans who work hard and are self-determined. Most Americans define the American Dream as earning a college degree, having an advanced job, taking vacations, owning their own home, and experiencing upward social mobility. Upward social mobility is referred to as the movement up the social class ladder. Some Americans argue that the American Dream is no longer reachable while others argue that anyone can experience social mobility and achieve the American Dream. I believe that as long as an individual has the motivation, self-determination, and a college degree, all Americans can achieve the American Dream and experience upward social mobility.
In order to achieve the American Dream, you must be dedicated and have the passion to thrive and prosper. It takes hard work, time and effort, and can be challenging at times however, it can achieved. Some may argue that with our economy as it is today, the American Dream no longer exists. Although our economy is not in the finest shape, the American Dream is feasible. According to the textbook, with incomes stagnating and even going backwards during the past several years, many fear that the “American dream” has been shattered. Certainly poverty has increased, but it is not likely that the Great Recession has crushed the dream, just deflated it a bit.
Education is an essential key to achieving the social mobility…

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