Is Veterinary Medicine Or Surgery? Essay

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Veterinarian, a person who practices veterinary medicine or surgery, is a career I wish to pursue because of the job environment, the great feeling of helping others, and the animals I will get to work with. I have been interested in this career since I was a freshman. Being in love with every animal I see really grabbed my attention for this job. I want to have a job in this career field because I like to be outdoors, and with animals. The challenges concerning how to get a job in this career field are not to hard. I will need plenty of college and veterinary school. It will be challenging to get through veterinary school, but I will do it.

A veterinarian works with small animal, and farm animals. “Veterinarians treat animal health problems. They work to prevent, control, and cure animal diseases” (“Overview” 1). On this job, vets give sick animals medicine or surgery. Vets also work with healthy animals. The healthy animals get “fixed,” or get shots to stay healthy. Vets can go to people 's farms, and give their cows, pigs, horses, etc. shots. At the farms they can also be there and help when an animal is giving birth. Vets are like the doctors people go to when they need to maintain their health, but vets only work with animals.

Some attractive features to this career are things like the environment, wages, and animals. The environment would be great because of the outdoor setting when people need to go to farms. The wages are high, and that is pleasing. The animals…

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