Issues Of Management : The Continental Navy Essay

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Issues of Management
The Continental Navy was established in 1775, and consisted of seven ships ( For over 200 years the United States Navy has operated in various environments from piece time operations to the highest level of war time operations. One thing has remained constant and in the fore front of all Naval commands. Training has been the most valuable asset other than the men and women who serve in the United States Navy. This paper will look at the decline that has occurred over time with the mandatory training requirements for the United States Navy. Furthermore, it will analyze the importance of training, some of the history pertaining to having inadequate training and the results of that, the structure of how training is completed and documented today, and will provide a solution for this decline in training.
The History
Title 10 of the United States (U.S.) Code directs each of the military services to organize, train, and equip forces for combat so they are capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, and maintaining freedom ( Training is the foundation on which the Navy operates. In the last 23 years the Navy has evolved in respects to how training is completed and documented, but one thing has stayed a constant “Train like we fight, fight like we train”, has always been the motto when speaking of training in the United States Navy. So, with that being said, why has the level of focus of senior leadership shifted from training to any thing…

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