Essay on Japanese Students

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Contents Summary of Report 2 Introduction 3 What is Stress? 4 Japanese Curriculum 5 Stress Outcomes and Problems 6 Comparison 7 Works Cited 10

Summary of Report

This report describes the Japanese education style and the effects it has in its students as well as society as a whole. There is information on how children are taught, and the way their learning behaviors develop in Japan, as well as compared to that of our American curriculums. Anyone can be under stress, students are one group of people who especially during those angst teenage years undergo a vast majority of stress. A survey by the American Psychological Association found that nearly half of all teens — 45 percent — said they were stressed by school
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At the end of everything stress is something we can go through at anytime in life, not just as students, however as adults we may very well easily deal with it in a different more rational manner than children, teens and young students.

We chose this topic because we believe that almost everyone can relate to stress. Stress is different for everyone; it can be cause by many things and is dealt with differently. Students are probably the most stressed out people in the world. Students have to deal with many different things at school, such as exams, papers, homework, and peer pressure. Sometimes stress is caused by the decisions that people make. A lot of the time people procrastinate on big projects, they think they have time so they keep putting it off, but when the deadline nears and they have not started the project stress kicks in. Some people deal with stress in a positive way and others may panic. In Japan students of all ages don't really know what is to have a break, to feel like a real child, they are used to always studying, working, learning; some simply are always trying to stay afloat in a learning society that does not cater or adjust to different needs. Their year consists of 240 school days, which amounts to more than 720 additional days in the same 12 year schooling period. (Difference Between). These subtle differences that Japanese students have to deal with

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