Java Programming and Inheritance Essay

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Java Programming and Inheritance
As time continues to pass, the world we now live in is dominated by the use of technology. Technology continues to advance, and it seems, as if we can’t function without it. Whether it’s the use of technology in school or work, it is everywhere and you cannot escape it. It is important for us to be able to adapt to it and learn how the new inventions work and function properly. The Internet for example is one of the most important aspects of life today. The Internet allows us to have access to everything, and have endless information at our fingertips, whether it’s through a computer screen or through the use of a cellular device, or even a watch. Some
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The study done by the Department of Computer science at the University of Auckland found that there was a much higher use of inheritance in Java that was anticipated. The use
Muhammad 3 greatly varied throughout interfaces and classes, and there was many differences between the interfaces and the application types. The study was completed through the performance of a corpus analysis which the used the metrics to over 90 applications which consisted of over 100,000 different interfaces and classes.
There is much work to do in the area of Java programming. Overall the Java program as a whole runs great and is very useful to many parts of the World Wide Web. Without it, many programs could not work and it would pose a huge problem to today’s society because technology is a part of life in this modern day. When it comes to Java inheritance, the major problem is the lack of classes allowed. Multiple classes are not an advantage of Java which in turn requires you to completely re organize the relationship between the classes. One of the advantages of the none use of multiple classes it does provide the interfaces which can achieve the multi inheritance most are looking for. “Because of the strong coupling of classes and the proliferation of unneeded class members induced by inheritance, the suggestion to

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