Java Essay

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Mohammad Doush Mr. Matthew Robert
English 103
13 April 2013
Java the Programming Language Computer is very important in our live, we use computer in everywhere on our live. The doctor uses the computer to see file or pictures of his patients. Also, each engineer uses it in many ways of his work. The teacher in the classroom, employees in the offices and student in their study all of them use computer in them daily live. They are not using the mouse, the keyboard or the scream. They are using the applications by them these applications in the computer are like the soul in the body. The only way to build these applications is programming. To program we need to know one of the programming languages which are very similar
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The final form of the language was defined by James Gosling, Bill Joy, Guy Steele, Richard Tuck, Frank Yellin, and Arthur van Hoff, with help from Graham Hamilton, Tim Lindholm, and many other friends and colleagues. (Gosling xv)
Java is almost a colored between Smalltalk and C++, and has gained broad acceptance because of it connected with the Internet, it was available for many users and it libraries in the graphical uses. Its run time and memory organization are enough for java to be enticing option. To make your programming effective in Java you need to understand the three main elements in java which are object-oriented concepts, the syntax and semantics of the Java programming language and you need to know the Java Application Programming Interface (API). Java gains it popularity in a short period of time it takes two years to have more than 400,000 programmers and more than 100 books in java programming. By the end of 1995 you was able to find java applications in any computer (Gosling xv-xxv, Poo xiii-4). There are many contains for java code like statement, conditions, variables and loops. These are the most uses equipments of programming. There are different types of statement codes but the most common one is the print statement. Many programs in the market are built by print statements.

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