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This tutorial explains the installation and usage of the Java programming language. It also contains examples for standard programming tasks.
1. Introduction to Java
1.1. History
Java is a programming language created by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems in 1991. The first publicly available version of Java (Java 1.0) was released in 1995.

Over time new enhanced versions of Java have been released. The current version of Java is Java 1.7 which is also known as Java 7.

From the Java programming language the Java platform evolved. The Java platform allows that the program code is written in other languages than the Java programming language and still runs on the Java virtual machine.

1.2. Java Virtual machine
The Java virtual
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A Java program which is standard complaint and follows certain rules can run unmodified on all supported platforms, e.g. Windows or Linux.

Object-orientated programming language: Except the primitive data types, all elements in Java are objects.

Strongly-typed programming language: Java is strongly-typed, e.g. the types of the used variables must be pre-defined and conversion to other objects is relatively strict, e.g. must be done in most cases by the programmer.

Interpreted and compiled language: Java source code is transferred into the bytecode format which does not depend on the target platform. These bytecode instructions will be interpreted by the Java Virtual machine (JVM). The JVM contains a so called Hotspot-Compiler which translates performance critical bytecode instructions into native code instructions.

Automatic memory management: Java manages the memory allocation and de-allocation for creating new objects. The program does not have direct access to the memory. The so-called garbage collector deletes automatically objects to which no active pointer exists.

The Java syntax is similar to C++. Java is case sensitive, e.g. the variables myValue and myvalue will be treated as different variables.

1.5. Development Process with Java
The programmer writes Java source code in a text editor which supports plain text. Normally the programmer uses an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming. An IDE supports the

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