Essay on Job Benefits For Chef Paul

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“Cooking is fun. You take some of the simplest ingredients and make anything and people will love it, especially when you get that reaction, ‘this is amazing’, and this it’s made out of small stuff. By the time our kids graduate from OC they will have better more mature pallets then when they first started here.” –Chef Paul Porras Learning in the culinary world can be so challenging but can be so rewarding. Chef Paul has working in the culinary arts division for most of his life and can back up the following paper. Culinary is an underrated job that most people think is easy and anyone can do. The topic is the great things that happens when you work hard and knowing what potential chefs want to chase for their career. Job responsibility and job benefits go hand in hand when in this business. You can change the way your job goes depending on how good of a job you do. While Salary also reflects this as your pay is for the work you do. Lastly, Job benefits can also be a sweetener when being a chef and have so many possibilities. Having a love for wanting to cook exquisite dishes, gaining the knowledge for taste, and maturing their pallet for different spices, potential chefs need to broaden their horizons about the education requirements, job benefits, salary differences, and travel opportunities to better understand what it takes to be a culinary artist. There are many job benefits in culinary arts and can be very rewarding such as job security or 401(k)’s. “Your salary…

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