John Savage Of Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World Essay

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John the Savage of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” is a character who has experienced major rifts in his life, preventing him from ever returning to his original state of being. John experienced such rifts in the forms of enrichment and alienation. John experienced enrichment through his mother’s teachings of the world she came from. John experienced alienation through his mother’s death and through the multiple Delta clones he witnessed.
Linda, John’s mother, spent the majority of John’s childhood teaching him of the “Other Place”. Linda described the marvels of the “Other Place” which included “lovely music that came out of a box”, “delicious things to eat and drink” and on the non tangible side, “everybody [always] happy and no one ever sad or angry”, and “everyone belonging to everyone else” (Page 86). In addition, Linda taught John to read. Being literate became an outlet for John. When John would be bullied for his and his mother’s different culture, John would remind himself that he had an advantage over his bullies; that he could read. With this, John “didn’t mind when they made fun of him” (Page 87). Still though, Linda’s enriching teachings to John posed as a rift in his life in Malpais. John’s mixed beliefs about life from Linda and from local culture made an outcast out of John. He fit into neither his mother’s world or Malpais. This exile from any true relationships with people pushed John further to investigate the opportunities reading has to offer. Upon…

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