Juvenile Delinquency And The Cause Of Such Behavior Essay

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Adolescent Delinquency and the Cause of Such Behavior
Juvenile delinquency is on the rise and parents are trying to find out why. Some believe it is their social status, while others believe once they commit a crime, they are more likely to recidivism (Grunwald, H., Lockwood, B., Harris, P., & Mennis, J., 2010). Parenting adolescents can be an issue if the parent(s) do not understand how to go about it. Parental control, while necessary, is not always going to be done in the correct manner. Supervising adolescents is challenging work but the risk in not doing it will result in juvenile behavior (Harris-Mckoy, D., & Cui, M., 2013).
Many factors in juvenile behavior are seen throughout studies. Such as having family dinners is a significant factor in reducing delinquency, substance use, and depressive symptoms (Meir, Ann, & Kelly, Musick, 2014). Another factor is the strain theory which analysis the goal-seeking outcome in juvenile delinquency (Agnew, 2012). Sometimes being a youth you believe you can get away with crime just because you are a kid. So we will take a look on how parenting and outside influences have a great effect on adolescents’ behavior. Which can turn into juvenile delinquency if not corrected.
Negative parenting effects
Throughout the years, countless studies have been conducted in order to find the root of why juvenile delinquency has been on the rise. Research has shown that adolescent is more likely to commit crimes because of lack of parental control…

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