Karl Marx : Marxism And Marxism Essay

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Karl Marx was a German economist and philosopher who is best known for hi Marxism theory Marxism. Marx believed economy to be the most powerful institution in society, which could sustain or create social stratification. According to his social theory there were two classes, the haves and have-nots. Marx believed every society had exploitation, but it could revolve through conflict and transform into a new one. Karl Marx, along with Friedrich developed Marxism; the philosophy behind Marxism is an Anti- Capitalism that is against differing social classes and materialism. They believed that economic conditions of people determine the social and political structures in which production is owned also known as communism.

Max Weber was a German sociologist also known as the father of sociology. Weber’s sociology was a fundamental science that explains the interpretive understanding of social action and interaction. “The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism” reflected his most famous economic work. The book described the relationship between the rising Protestantism and development of western industrial capitalism. Weber also believed economic system and development could be significantly influenced by religion. Max Weber also developed three-component theory of stratification also known as the three-class system: class, status, and party. “For Weber, wealth, power, and prestige are interrelated because they often come together, but it is also possible to convert one to…

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