LYT2 Task1 Essay examples

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LYT2: Current and Emerging Technology

Assessment Code: LYT2 – Task1
Date: 04/04/2015

Background Simple Getaways, Inc., a travel agency with twelve (12) offices located throughout the western United States, employing roughly one hundred eighty (180) to three hundred sixty (360) employees, experienced challenges of process and productivity related to company growth. Among these are a decentralized systems environment, limited office and systems collaboration, and legacy (paper flow) human resource and administrative processes. SGI executives understand that further organization growth may be limited if the technological and process challenges are not addressed and have approved the implementation of an updated information
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This creates a difficulty in retrieving information stored at each location.
Desired: A document management solution which would allow for the storage and sharing of documents from a centralized repository and better interoperability between office locations.
Current: Simple Getaways, Inc. currently performs administrative and HR duties utilizing a legacy paper-flow process. Storage of these documents is accomplished by file cabinet at each location and request for documents regarding employees are accomplished through fax or postal mail.
Desired: A redesigned and automated human resources/administrative process utilizing digital forms, online approvals of employee requests, online access to employee and company information.
Recommended Solution Simple Getaways, Inc. currently utilizes the Microsoft productivity suite at each of its locations. The solution recommend therefore seeks to minimize the disruption inherent with a system and process transition. The recommended solution to address both the document management and storage accessibility challenges, in addition to the document collaboration needs would be Microsoft’s Office 365 Business Premium Suite.
This solution was chosen for several reasons: 1) This suite of products would allow the users to retain some product familiarity as the basic office applications currently in use remain virtually the same (i.e. Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint™);

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