Managing Nonmonetary Compensation Essay

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Executive Summary

Background and Introduction

Andrew Nelson, an accomplished respiratory therapist, works for Breathing Care Associates, and works out of the local hospital. High turnover, lack of managerial skills, and trying to lower labor costs has lead Drew to work many hours over his normal hours. He is an exempt employee and is not entitled to overtime, but he does get a dollar an hour for on-call services. Andrew has met his maximum “earned time” off and is in need of a vacation, but is denied because of staffing and the unwillingness of his supervisor to pay overtime to the non-exempt employee.

Main Conclusions

Andrew needs time off before he gets too “burned out,” but also needs to make sure the hospital is covered for
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Matt Barnes stated, “I really can’t let you take off right now. I can’t force Barb to work seven days in a row. Besides, if she did, I’d have to pay her overtime.” (Nkomo, 223) Afterwards Matt ended the conversation immediately following his statement. Within the last 8 months, Nelson has covered the shifts for 3 employees that were not available. Nelson has worked 6 days per week between the hours of 8 to 12 hours a day. Nelson also worked when he was “on call” during his shift with no overtime pay.

The guidelines from BCA’s policy for earned time were to give the manager at least two weeks notice. Nelson provided his manager with one month advance notice of his vacation. Under earned time, “When you near your account Maximum, it is your responsibility to schedule Earned Time off.” (Nkomo, 224) Nelson followed the regulations that were implemented by the bargaining unit.

We have mentioned several alternatives, and outside of losing his job for insubordination all the other alternatives could work. Determining which would work best for all parties is difficult. Reminding Barb and Mr. Barnes about him previously working a week for Barb the summer before could backfire. Yes, he worked for her but they also had three other employees. Drew could see how many days Mr. Barnes would give him off, as something is better than nothing; however, he

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