Many Causes of Alcoholism Essay

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The Many Causes of Alcoholism
Every story has two sides to it. Alcoholism is very complicated story in the “nature vs. nurture” debate. Alcoholism is uncontrollable and everybody has a different perception of what it is. A persons understanding of what alcoholism actually is can determine whether they think alcoholism is nature or nurture. From my own understanding, I think that alcoholism has multiple causes.
Many people may think that alcoholics are people who drink often or drink everyday, but in reality, alcoholism is when people can not control their drinking. There are also different types of alcoholism. For instance, some alcohol abusers may drink everyday because they think it makes them feel better and they use it to deal with
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Scientists are looking to find whether or not there is some type of an alcoholic gene that causes some people to be alcoholics. For example, a couple has three children. Two of the children are brunettes, but the other is a blonde. This is because the blonde haired child has a recessive gene. It is possible that alcoholism works the same way. Suppose there was a family with five children. Four of those five children had no problem with alcohol and could drink it responsibly; however, the fifth child was an alcoholic. The fifth child could have been born with a recessive gene that caused them to be an alcoholic.
Another reason I think alcoholism is something some people are born with is because of the fact that there are different types of alcoholics. Some drink everyday, whereas others can stay sober for long periods of time, and then just go on a drinking binge for no reason. If alcoholism was just because of how some people were raised, wouldn’t there only be one type of alcoholic?
Alcoholism can also be caused by people’s environment and social life. Many people were raised in a happy environment and were never really exposed to alcohol while growing up. Then, later in life they are exposed to alcohol and become alcoholics. This proves that it must be something natural to that person because they were raised in an environment free of alcohol where they never needed it to be happy. Once exposed to it, they became

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