Military Policy of South Korea Essay

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Military Policy of South Korea In recent days, there are a lot of controversial issues in the world. For example, there is capital punishment, experiments on animals, abortion, gun control, etc. Especially, there is an argument about the military policy of South Korea. The policy has been argued for a long time from the past to recent times in South Korea. Some people say that South Korea has to have a military policy as conscription. Conscription is current policy in South Korea which government forces all young men to join the army. Sometimes it is called draft policy. On the other hand, other people say that there is no problem, even if South Korea has a volunteer military system. Almost all countries in the world have volunteer …show more content…
Once a young man joins the army, the problems get worse. They tend to have strong complaints, because soldiers are forced to join the army. Therefore, the soldiers can more easily express their complaints as violence or desertion. For example, when I was in R.O.K Army, there are a lot of desertion soldiers because of the violence from a seniority soldier. Moreover, they cannot have enough time for rest or vacation and they cannot get enough salary. They can have only 30~40 days for vacation during the 2years in the army and their salary is only 80 dollars per month. Even if they work hard for the army, their time for vacation and salary are never extended. In my experience, homesick is another big reason for the desertion in R.O.K Army. I think all of these examples are a kind of infringement on human rights. Additionally, there is a second problem about conscription. Conscription is not efficient and not reasonable at all. In my experience as a soldier in South Korea, soldiers are conscripted into the army hate almost all things about the military. They hate the military food, regulations and activities such as practicing military skills. Moreover, soldiers who are conscripted in to the army usually think that break time or vacation is more important than their own work. All of these attitudes might be expressions against infringement such like forcing them to join the

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