`` Moral Tribes `` By Joshua Greene Essay

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“Cooperation evolves, not because it’s “nice” but because it confers a survival advantage.” With this statement Joshua Greene, the author of “Moral Tribes”, speaks about how we as humans work together towards a common interest not because it’s pleasant, but because it’s the only way to get ahead. The way we deal with our problems and interact with others is heavily influenced by our morality. Our morality helps us decide how much trust to put into others and how we can help those around us. Morality is our personal distinction between right and wrong and it is unique to every individual. But there are problems; “In the modern tragedy, the very same moral thinking that enables cooperation within groups undermines cooperation between groups”. Within a community we are often bound together by moral ideals, but cooperation between communities themselves is often divided by these same moral ideals. It does not matter what your moral balance is, there will always be others who think differently. And cooperation with these others can often lead to a clash in principles and a moral problems. When faced with these problems, one can begin to question their morality and throw away their balance of good and bad for personal gain.
When overcoming a problem through cooperation, a lot of trust needs to be put in. A person with good morals needs to trust that his partner is not just in it for solely personal gain, but to help him reach his goal also. This balance of personal and collective…

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