My Commitment As A Psychological Construct That Influences Daily Behavior

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One word that comes to many people’s mind when thinking about relationships is the word “commitment”. Author Erin Brummet defines commitment as a psychological construct that influences daily behavior in relationship. Commitment is based on the three bases of dependence (Brummett, 2010). Author Benjamin Le explains what these three bases of dependence are through the explanation of the Investment Model. The Investment Model is a theory that suggests that commitment level is based on three factors. These three factors are satisfaction, alternatives and investment in a relationship (Le, 2003). Satisfaction, alternatives and investment are factors which are integral in assessing commitment in romantic relationships, and social media plays a part in all three of these factors.
Satisfaction is a word those in romantic relationships hear many times. It makes sense though because if one is not satisfied in his or her relationship commitment may be negatively effected. What exactly is satisfaction then? Is it simply being happy in a relationship? Le defines satisfaction as The assessment of the positives and negatives one experiences in a relationship connected to the fulfillment of one’s needs (Le, 2003). This definition explains that simply being happy or unhappy in a relationship is not satisfaction, instead, one’s needs being met is what determines satisfaction. So what exactly affects satisfaction?
Other’s approval on a relationship can affect satisfaction.…

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