Essay about My Experience At Jordan Creek Mall

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Impersonal Communication:
I worked for Hallmark at Jordan Creek Mall for roughly two and a half years. I started working at the end of my sophomore year of high school where I thought I would start to learn about the real world. I had a simple, short interview that consisted of only three basic questions. The manager that had interviewed me was going to be gone for two weeks on vacation the following weekend. The manager wanted me to be done with school before I started working in the summer. At the time, I had only three days left of the school year. Of course, I ended up starting when my manager was out of town. During my interview, she told me to leave her a note that stated what days I needed off throughout the summer. At the time, this was my first job I had ever encountered, so it was a different environment for me. My family and I always take a week vacation at the end of July. I did not know any different, and I left my manager a note stating that I needed the full last week of July off. I was thinking to myself that is was Saturday through the following Sunday that ended up going into August by one day. Time had passed, and I ended up on the schedule for a couple days that I needed off. I had reminded my manager that I requested the last full week of July off and she explained what she thought the last week of July was. Her understanding was completely different than what I had in mind. My note was misunderstood due to not giving specific dates. My manager found…

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