My Family Went On The Desert Of Grandparents ' House We Go Essay

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Over the Bridges and Through the Desert to Grandparents’ House we go
During spring break in 2012, my family went on a very interesting trip. We were looking forward to going to the famous Getty museum and taking a trip to Disneyland; however, my grandparents complicated things. The thirteen hour two day journey to California of course didn’t spark any feeling of excitement amongst the members in the car. My brother Jack and I read books and listened to music to occupy the time for a while, but not having much to do made the journey brutal. After a long ten hour journey we made it to our swanky Las Vegas hotel. I marveled at the massive winding turns of the snake shaped swimming pool with its built in waterfall cave that allowed people to jump into the tempting waters below. Chatter dispersed through my family about all the fun we would have in the swimming pool tomorrow. The next morning lots of laughs were shared between my family. We only got to splash around in the swimming pool for an hour because we had to hop back onto the road, but it still generated great memories that we would remember years from now.
Journeying through the desert continued after packed our things into the car. Everyone in the car filled the time by talking about all the adventures and memories that we wanted to create at Disneyland. A fancy beachfront hotel that held promises of great times to come is where we resided for the vacation. We would stay there for six days, creating plenty of time to…

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