My Life As A Perfect World Essay example

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There is no such thing as a perfect world. Everyday decisions and sacrifices are made from the moment one wakes up to the second they fall asleep. But some sacrifices in life may be for the love of someone else other than one’s self, whether it be giving up your personal free time, letting go of a personal item for the greater good, or even to risk your life for the well-being of someone else. Either way, choices are made by everyone whether it be for themselves or for others. Thus sometimes requiring a larger sacrifice.
It is said that time is precious and that every second should be lived to the fullest. But in life one may encounter a countless amount of people who, depending on their lifestyle, become friends or are merely acquaintances. Or maybe one may partake in an activity that he or she surprisingly enjoys greatly that puts someone in a position that enables them to interact with people they haven’t met before in hopes that new relationships form between people who enjoy a similar activity. Because love is not just showing affection towards another human being but can also be the enjoyment of one’s time in a particular event or activity. Long ago, St. Ignacius of Loyola wrote, “Teach give and not count the cost, to toil and not seek for rest, to labor and not ask for reward…” This quote was said to be a fitting tribute to the volunteers of the U.S. swimming world. As many swim meets take place, there are many people who are willing to give up time from…

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