My Oldest Aunt Who Is Seventy- One Years Old By The Name Of Elois Hollingsworth Hayes

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It was 5:45 Thanksgiving evening in Raleigh, North Carolina, I had the honor to interview my oldest aunt who is seventy- one years old by the name of Elois Hollingsworth Hayes. After a great family dinner my aunt I had a chance to sit with each other and reminiscence on her life and different aspects that described her life. We began by discussing her occupation where she was Miami-Dade County public school teacher, were she enjoyed most teaching students English and found most satisfying in instructing the students literature that most students found hard or less interesting and making it fun and attention-grabbing. Ms. Hayes described her best result of her efforts in her work was her students learning the material she taught but mostly that they enjoyed her class. We then began talking about her free time when she was not working were she enjoyed traveling. She also had hobbies which was reading mystery books and the holy bible as well as watching television. When she went on vacation she enjoyed relaxing, walking on the beach however, her favorite was being with her family and engaging in family activities. As she explained what she enjoyed about vacations she then began describing a trip she took the was the most special to her. It was 1990and she took a trip to Haiti for a mission trip to assist an orphanage. She described the trip as very different and that she was moved by compassion as she noticed the extreme poverty on the island. Nonetheless, she was impressed by…

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