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1. Describe how the challenges in the Simple Getaways RFP affect key stakeholders.
The current technological solution employed by Simple Getaways impacts three key groups of stakeholders. Human resources personnel, travel agents, and management are all negatively impacted by the current design.
All stakeholder groups are affected by the version control challenges caused using multiple regionally based file servers and the lack of an integrated file management system. Multiple versions of files affect the processing of human resources paperwork and cause confusion amongst travel agents and customers. This could potentially result in poor decisions based on wrong or outdated information by management personnel.
Another challenge
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The desired performance of Simple Getaways would be a modern integrated and collaborative environment with stringent version controls which enables seamless and rapid information flow between offices and management. The Human Resources department would be paperless and include automated workflows for all administrative functions. The end result would allow managers to make decisions based on accurate and timely information and travel agents and human resources personnel would be more efficient and could focus on their actual duties instead of trying to correct or amend inaccurate documents.

3. Recommend a technological solution to the challenge in the Simple Getaways RFP.
a. Justify how the recommended solution will address the challenges in the Simple Getaways RFP.
I recommend a better knowledge management solution like a Microsoft SharePoint portal. The SharePoint portal would eliminate the challenges with version control and information sharing by collating and storing all of the company’s documents in a centralized database which is access through a web based frontend. This would allow all 12 offices to store all of their information at one central location and access it from their various locations. SharePoint can also be used to create forms and automated work flows. The HR department can recreate digital copies of their sick leave, vacation and other

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